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Womans DIARY

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☆:::::::::::::::☆:::::::::::::::☆:::::::::::::::☆“Woman's DIARY”☆:::::::::::::::☆:::::::::::::::☆:::::::::::::::☆‥…━━━☆Important Notice‥…━━━☆
We'd like to thank our customers for using our apps.
However this will be the final version of "Woman's Diary paid-version" as the paid version will no longer update.
Instead, we will update “Woman’s Diary free version” - we are doing this to make the app more convenient for customers.
‥…━━━☆Introducing Application‥…━━━☆
“Woman's DIARY” is a very useful tool for tracking your menstrual cycle and predicting your most fertile period. It also provides a variety of information and tips including how to stay in optimum health during menstruation.
‥…━━━☆Main Features‥…━━━☆
1. Predicts the timing of your period ・Track your period to predict ovulation day and start date of your next period. ・Explanation of female cycle. ・Tips to stay in optimum health during menstruation.
2. Calendar ・Track your period with memos. ・Able to choose a variety of calendar. ・Shows previous periods and likely start date of your next period.
3. Basal Temp Record ・Record your basal temperature every day. ・Shows basal temperature in a line graph.  
4. Weight Record ・Record your weight every day. ・Shows weight gain & loss on a line graph.
5. Post on Twitter ・Sends registered schedule and memo to Twitter.
6. Backup Service ・Saves registered data on the app to the SD card. ・Able to change a phone without worries as your data is restored.
7. Password lock ・Allows you to set a password when first opened.
Diary has more space on screen and is easy to use as there are no advertisements on the paid version.